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Bob Losyk, M.Ed., M.B.A., C.S.P

Bob Losyk is an international employee motivational speaker, trainer, facilitator and author, expert in employee screening, employee recruiting, employee retention and reducing employee turnover. He is a nationally recognized expert on workplace stress management, immigrant workforce, workforce diversity issues and trends, and is the author of the best selling book, "Managing A Changing Workforce: Achieving Outstanding Service With Today’s Employees." His latest book, "Get a Grip: Overcoming Stress and Thriving in the Workplace" is available wherever books are sold.

Bob addresses the critical issues of employee recruiting, managing today's workforce, and the everyday challenges of surviving and thriving in today’s workplace such as managing stress in the workplace. He provides real strategic solutions to the road blocks for success that plague so many of today's corporations and small businesses. Bob enables both profit and non-profit organizations to solve their most vital performance and productivity challenges.

Bob Losyk uses customized employee motivation techniques and strategies that touch, enlighten, educate, and really entertain audiences in a down-to-earth style. He brings twenty years of professional insight, entrepreneurship, and business savvy to industries ranging from tourism to tires, from hospitality to hospitals, from restaurants to retail, and from convenience stores to credit unions. Seventy-two percent of his clients have brought Bob back again. His presentations transform ordinary and dull meetings into exciting, meaningful experiences. Bob’s thoroughly prepared programs deliver exactly what he promises with:

  • High content
  • Thought provoking ideas
  • Real world solutions
  • Passionate delivery
  • Audience interaction
  • Entertaining humor
  • Take home value

Bob Losyk is your partner every step of the way and is
dedicated to making you look great.

Find out how Bob can make your next meeting a success!

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Get A Grip: Overcoming Stress and Thriving in the Workplace
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Managing A Changing Workforce: Achieving OUTSTANDING Service with Today's Employees
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“It is rare to find a speaker who can entertain an audience with humor, educate by appealing to their common sense, and when called upon to do so, put both of these abilities together to drive home a point. Bob, you have proven beyond a doubt that you are a rare individual.”


Pete Hunt,
Executive Director
Automotive Service Association, WA

“You really accomplished a feat--keeping registrants interested up to the very last moment . . .
They were spellbound! Evaluations rated you as the highest rated speaker for content and delivery.”


Betty Hanna
Executive Director

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